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All our Cased / Hard Cover books use a sturdy 2400 gsm board with varying stocks that can be wrapped around during the binding process.




These paper based stocks are a strong, durable paper covering material for full cover, side, spine, and endleaf hardcover books. They offer a cheaper alternative to real woven cloth material (as below) yet still give the appearance and feel of real cloth.




Buckram is a stiff cloth, made of cotton, which is used to cover and protect books. It is of superior durability to the paper based stock however much more expensive.


Rainbow® , WIBALIN® and Buckram stocks all work well with screen printing, UV, and offset printing, or for decorating with blind or foil stamp.



Our standard bind for hard cover books is using the Section Sewn method.






Our standard cover stock for soft cover books is a sturdy 240gsm art board used when printing across the front, spine and back outside spread (Inside cover is plain).


If the soft cover is a 2 sided run with printing on both the outside and inside cover, we use a thicker 350gsm card.


We can of coarse use thicker or lighter stock depending on extra embellishments or styles however these are generally more specialised requests.


A Gloss or Matte lamination are the main two options for soft cover finishes.



The standard bind for our soft cover books is the Perfect Bind, PUR or Burst Bind. We can also Section Sew soft covers if better suited.






Whether it's full colour (4 colours+) photography, imagery, illustrations with bleed or simple black text throughout (or even a mix of both!) - we have the paper stocks to suite.




(Common weights are 100, 113, 115, 128 and 148gsm)
Books using lots of colour images throughout (i.e. photography, children's books, illustrations etc), require lots of ink to be printed and held on a page. Our superior quality Satin stock range is ideal for providing optimal clarity and definition while keeping the images crisp, clear and durable. The sealer finish gives a slightly semi-gloss (shine) appearance with a smooth silk like feel upon touching.


(Common weights are 100, 113, 115, 128 and 148gsm)
This is used for similar type books as the Satin stocks and offers a shinier reflective gloss finish. It's not as smooth to touch as the Satin but does bring out the colours slightly brighter.




(Common weights are 80, 90 and 100gsm)
Our uncoated white range of paper is commonly used when there is mostly text throughout a book, mixed together with images such as graphs, logos, charts and diagrams. It is a more modern looking stock that suites mono-black ink (Grey-scale) type printing. The contrast between black text and white paper gives a strong appearance.


(A common weight is 70gsm)
This is a slightly off-white stock used when a straight white paper is considered too clean. Mostly used for novels and text based content. Handles images okay with some slight grainy texture due to the more porous fibre. Some believe reading large amounts of text on an off-white stock is easier on the eye than a higher contrasting white paper.


(Standard is 65 and 73 gsm)
A more traditional appearance, the slight yellow pigments within the fibre of this stock give a cream tinge. Although a lighter 'airy' paper, our Cream stock is quite bulky resulting in a thicker book than many heaver stocks. This is useful for bulking up the volume of a book if the page count is low. Our Cream paper is used mainly for novel style books using minimal images (if any). Images appear more roughly due to the porous fibre and texture. Some believe reading large amounts of text on an off-white stock is easier on the eye than a higher contrasting white paper.







We can print books of all shapes and custom sizes however, when considering the most economical option, it's best to stay within the following recognised Australian standard book formats:


  • A format  -  181 x 111mm
  • B format  -  198 x 129mm
  • B+ format  -  208 x 135mm
  • C format – 234 x 153mm
  • B5  -  250 x 176mm
  • A4  -  297 x 210mm


While these are economical and standard formats, the print method, available papers and binding styles do Impact on economical sizes. Please speak to your us to discuss your options.

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