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Inscope Books commitment to the environment and the community


Our associate printing company's have both FSC and PEFC certification. FSC is a chain of custody system that guarantees that the paper which holds an FSC trademark has been produced from forests which are responsibly managed and mills which guarantee the integrity of the pulp they produce from these forests. PEFC is a chain of custody system which assesses national forest certification schemes including the Australian Forestry Standard for responsible forestry management. Many paper stocks are now available as either FSC or PEFC ensuring the sustainability of the world’s forestry industry.


Inscope Books has a total commitment to reducing the environmental impact of printing your books. We only partner with holders of FSC and PEFC certifications along with the other measures. Please ask your account manager for information regarding both brand paper, which is produced from responsibly managed forests, and the FSC and PEFC paper we are able to supply for the production of your books. Your account manager can also supply you with our completed environment statement which is updated as we add new elements to our environmental sustainability commitment.


Our commitment to behaving with social responsibility to the community is shown both in our ethical behaviour towards all stakeholders and the support we give to a program of charitable organisations.


Our printing partners are members of the NSW Department of the Environment and Climate Change (DECC) Sustainability Advantage Program. This program is a proactive partnership which assists industry to enact sustainable practices.

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